Welcome to Olde Oak Tree’s first blog post.  I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write here and hope it will make a difference for you and in your life.  I will be posting some tips on finding, choosing, and maintaining all types of home furnishings.  I will try to give practical information about wood species, stain types and techniques, fabric types and their wear ratings, and pros and cons to furniture building techniques.

I will give you the best information available in the furniture industry. Many of the builders I work with are 2nd and 3rd generation furniture makers and will give me ample help with my posts.  In addition, I have been in the furniture business over 25 years selling, delivering, servicing, and have done a little woodworking in that time as well.  I would be appreciative of any input you would like to give.  Please feel free to message me any time with questions or comments and I will be happy to get answers for you.  I look forward to serving you!

- Larry Schnurr, Owner

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